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Company Profile

Mammoth Hydro Blast is a 100% New Zealand owned company, which provides customers with world-class industrial services.

Mammoth Hydro Blast has the latest technology and equipment to cope with all your needs in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Mammoth Hydro Blast have their own mechanical trained technicians ready to maintain and service our gear 24/7.


Our Team ...

Whatever your project demands, from emergencies, to your routine scheduled maintenance, our fully competent team and state-of-the-art equipment can handle your situation seven days a week, 24 hours a day. 


Airports - preferred method of removing tire rubber, oils, and line striping from airfields.

Removing marine growth and paint from private ships, commercial vessels, and military frigates before new layers of friction-reducing and protective coatings are applied.

Gypsum, potash, cement, lime in hopper cars, removal of grease, dirt and deposits in truck and undercarriages.

Cement Industry
High-pressure water is very effective when having to clean cement deposits. Remove dirt, grease & product accumulations on floors, grates, walls, external piping, concrete trucks, handling equipment & bins.

Construction Industries
Natural gas pipe lines for construction or repair, cutting concrete sections, preparing surfaces for new coatings, cleaning, prepping bridges and parking areas. Cleaning concrete form work and rebar. High-pressure water is also used for hydro excavation and for scarifying concrete surfaces.

Removal of oil, vegetation, mud, tar, cement, lime or asphalt. Roadside maintenance, such as safety barriers and culverts.

Cleaning of yeast build up, sediments and fermentation residues on vats, pipes, storage tanks, kegs, filter presses, coolers, and evaporators.

Dairy Factories
Cleaning of floors, containers and machinery, evaporators, coolers, tanks, trucks.

Pulp & Timber
Cleaning of grease, oil, pitch dirt and wood pulp from heat exchangers. Tubes, suction rolls, stock chests and lines. Build up of paper from around machinery.

Automotive Industries
High pressure water blasting is ideal for cleaning paint and grease from walls, floors, machinery, grating and conveyors.

Cleaning clogged plant machinery due to rock dust, coal, mud or oil. Maintenance cleaning of dumpers, draglines, underground haulage lines & shafts.

Steel Mills
Water scale, coke, ore or lime in heat exchangers, flues, boilers, open hearths, furnaces, chutes and hoppers.